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Domain Name Guidelines:
  • Do not include www in the text box.
  • Do not include .com, .net or .org in the textbox.
    Choose the suffix from the pulldown menu.
  • The name can have up to 63 characters not including .com, .net or .org
  • Domain names are not case sensitive.
  • A domain name can only have letters, numbers and dashes ("-").
  • A domain name cannot start or finsh with a dash.

Choosing a Domain Name:

The selection of a domain name can be a tricky one so! wants to help by giving you a few simple guidelines.

  • Pick a name that your clients will remember such as
  • Try to keep your name as short (compact) as possible.
  • Consider if you should reserve and also as a way to effectively preserve your Internet identity.
  • Consider variations of your name such as, "greasyfries.dom" and "greasy-fries.dom". If you select one and it becomes popular it is possible that a copycat will come along and try to emulate your name in an attempt to steal some of your traffic.

Deciding between .com, .net and/or .org:

Each domain extention has meaning. It merits remembering that .com still refers to commercial and, as such has become (and is) the most popular and intuititive of the three common extensions.

In theory, you can tell your client go to your web site at What your clients will remember is http://your_company. They will first assume the ".com". If this does not bring them to your site they may go looking for an alternative. This does not mean that no other domain extension will work. It only means that as a general rule, commercial enterprise would prefer the ".com" option.

.net generally refers to a network, however, it may safely be considered an effective second choice. In some cases, you may feel that your domain may be more memorable as a .net.

.org used to be reserved for non-profit organizations. This is no longer a criterium for attaining a .org domain, however, it does, still, imply a non-profit status.

"All the domain names, I can think of, are taken":

Picking a domain name can be a real challenge today. It seems, sometimes, as though all the good names are gone but they aren't. We tend, often, to get lost in trying to find that generic name that we think absolutely everyone will know without giving it a second thought but this isn't always what we want. What we really want is for your clients to know how to find you.

The significance of this statement is simple. If you sell corn chips, it would be GREAT if you could get but since "" and "" are already taken... and there's nothing we can do about it, we must find the next best option and that is likely your company name... "Great Corn Chips, Inc" - which would become, "". Well, that may be a bit cumbersome but there are other possibilities. How about ""? It could be written as "" or ""? Well, i-cornchips is not, in itself, a good domain but you've got the idea. You can use "e-xxx.dom". You can add a "web" or a "net" to the end. There are always possibilities.

Finding the right domain can be a challenge but was available as recently as January 2000 and we think it's a great name! We spent considerable time mining for the right name for our projects. Ultimately, you don't want to get discouraged. If you work your plan - your plan will work! It will come with the right amount of creative thinking.

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